Trulieve Cannabis Corp. has launched TruTonic, a drink powder that combines tropical flavors, fast-acting relief, and mild carbonation – all in a 5 mg THC package.

TruTonic is intended to be added to water before ingestion, and when mixed, will dissolve and fizz to create a seltzer-like beverage. The nano-based formulation allows patients to feel the medication's effects quickly while the discreet packaging and lower dose ensures patients can find relief any time of day.

"At Trulieve, we're dedicated to meeting and exceeding patients' needs at every end of the cannabis experience spectrum,” said Trulieve Chief Marketing Officer Valda Coryat. “TruTonic delivers the reliable and rapid-onset experience many patients are looking for with a fat-free, sugar-free and low-calorie edible. TruTonic is a one-of-a-kind product, and we're excited to offer Florida's patients a new way to find natural, effective relief."

Due to its unique formulation and versatility, TruTonic expands on the alternative intake routes available at Trulieve for patients that may not be comfortable with or interested in smoking or vaporizing cannabis. Trulieve's TruNano Technology allows for water solubility, increased bioavailability, and a faster onset than a traditional, distillate-based edible medication.

TruTonic became available at Trulieve dispensaries across Florida on Nov. 23 in Black Cherry and Florida Orange flavors. Each unit will contain 10 pre-packaged 5 mg THC doses.

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