When we launched Cannabis Products, we put down roots squarely at the intersection of food, beverage, and cannabis. Cannabis Products is home to discussions surrounding the research, development, and production of everything infused and ingestible—from hemp-derived CBD daily supplement gummies at the local drug store to THC-driven alcohol alternative nonalcoholic microbrews in the dispensary channel. Every segment of F&B is fair game for infusion, and we’ll be there every step of the way.

There’s no denying the immense U.S. market potential for infused foods. Cannabis is the hottest ingredient in decades. But the knowledge base on the product development and processing side of the business—including supply-chain dynamics—is still quite limited.

In order to bring fresh perspectives to the cannabis-infused product development and processing community, Cannabis Products is now providing the industry with an inside look at emerging and leading companies in cannabis foods and beverages. This month, we dig into the story behind Space Food Sticks, a legacy mainstream CPG food brand from the 1970s that’s seeing new life as a stellar THC-infused snack in the Colorado dispensary market. Watch these pages for additional profiles and product development stories on the companies defining the landscape in the ever-expanding list of legal cannabis markets across the country.

Sharing these stories presents a key opportunity for growth. This was clearly evident during our virtual Cannabis Products Exchange/CPX21 event, which took place in late April, where we heard stories from companies like Ocean Spray, CERIA Brewing, LivWell Enlightened Health, and others, all of which are active in cannabis product development and processing.

Cannabis presents significant opportunity—but navigating the existing challenges can make or break a company.

Do you have any insights or perspectives to share? Please reach out and make a connection with us. We’d love to hear from you and learn about your story.