SōRSE Technology, a water-soluble emulsion technology company based in Seattle, and Medara S.A., a company based in Montevideo, Uruguay, have entered into a commercial agreement for the distribution of SōRSE’s products in the South Cone. 

With this agreement, SōRSE will work hand in hand with Medara to educate Latin American consumers on the benefits of products that utilize water-soluble emulsion technology to deliver accurate dosing of cannabinoids with full certifications. 

In 2013, Uruguay was the first country to legalize both recreational and medical use of cannabis. Since then, Medara has been successfully working on the development of commercial agreements and scientific research in the territory. It plans to fulfill customer needs for a broader, better portfolio of cannabinoids with SōRSE’s customized formulations. 

“As the leader in hydro-soluble technology for functional ingredients, we’re eager to continue our expansion in Latin America with Medara to meet the increasing demand for cannabinoid-infused beverages, edibles, cosmetics, pharmaceutical and veterinary products,” said Felipe Sanchez, VP of Latin America, for SōRSE Technology. “This agreement with Medara allows us to reach a larger consumer base, faster and more efficiently.”

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