Wherehouse Beverage Co., makers of WYNK and COUNTDOWN cannabis-infused beverages, has launched COUNTDOWN ENERGY, infused with 10 mg of hemp-derived THC and 100 mg of caffeine.

These lightly carbonated drinks are sweetened with cane sugar and contain less than 50 calories per can. COUNTDOWN ENERGY drinks take effect in 10-15 minutes, and consumers can expect the buzz to last up to 90 minutes. The caffeine content is equal to the amount in one cup of coffee or standard energy drink, but with added THC to make for a slightly euphoric and energizing sensation.

The three COUNTDOWN ENERGY flavors include Berry Force Energy, with notes of raspberry, cherry and lime; Cosmic Lemonade Energy; and Orange Blast Energy, which has the flavor of orange sherbet.

While COUNTDOWN products have been available in dispensaries since 2022, COUNTDOWN ENERGY will be available for retail purchase in Ohio, Massachusetts, Minnesota and New Jersey in early April and online in 23 states.