Michigan-based cannabis cultivator and processor Franklin Fields is expanding its Sweet Justice infused soda line with Cranberry Ginger Ale.

Made with real ginger, cane sugar and cranberry juice, the fast-acting drink features 10 mg THC, 70 calories and offers adult drinkers an alcohol-free way to enjoy a buzz without the hangover. With lower carbonation to minimize bloating, consumers can enjoy Cranberry Ginger Ale on its own or mixed with mocktail ingredients.

Franklin Fields is in R&D on additional flavors set to launch throughout 2024, including OG Sugar Free, OG Ginger Ale and Root Beer.

Living up to its name and giving back to the community, Sweet Justice donates a portion of proceeds to the Great Lakes Expungement Network (GLEN), a collection of organizations, professionals, businesses and criminal defense attorneys dedicated to providing Michiganders with criminal records an opportunity for a clean slate through fee-free expungements.

Sweet Justice can be found at The Botanical Co. locations in Lansing and Middleville, as well as through other retail partners across the state.