Trait Biosciences is introducing a water-soluble CBD ingredient designed for edibles, beverages, topicals and cosmetics.

Available in November, Trait Distilled is glycosylated cannabidiol (CBD), developed through a fermentation process that binds plant-derived CBD to glucose molecules. No nanotechnology is used in ingredient production.

Trait Distilled, which is about 49% CBD, is available in powder and liquid concentrate formats.

Mike Tabor, Trait Biosciences’ business development manager, said Trait Distilled is completely clear in beverage formulations and offers high dosage capacity. He added the ingredient doesn’t stick to packaging, does not conflict with acid or carbonation, and has a minimally noticeable mouthfeel.

“The nano-emulsified CBDs have a tendency to linger on the back of your tongue,” he said. “Ours, with the solubility, it just washes down.”

Based in Santa Fe, New Mexico, Trait Biosciences develops technologies that support the production of predictable and efficacious CBD products.