Trulieve Cannabis Corp. is set to pull out of Massachusetts by the end of the year as part of ongoing measures to improve its financial performance.

The company said its dispensaries in Framingham, Northampton and Worcester will close on June 30 and it will “cease Massachusetts operations” by the end of 2023.

Additionally, the company is closing its retail location in Grover Beach, California. This follows the closure of locations in Palm Springs and Venice last year.

Trulieve said it has also left the Nevada wholesale market and idled production capacity to “match consumer demand across multiple markets.”

"These difficult but necessary measures are part of ongoing efforts to bolster business resilience and our commitment to cash preservation as we continue to focus on our business strategy of going deep in our core markets and jettisoning non-contributive assets," said Chief Executive Officer Kim Rivers. "We remain fully confident in our strategic position and the long term prospects for the industry."