Grön has introduced a reformulated line of edibles made with cannabis rosin in Oregon. 

Grön’s Sugar-Coated Pearls, MEGA Pearls, Pips and Chocolate are now made with rosin, a solventless concentrate that delivers the fullest expression of the cannabis plant without sacrificing the taste. 

The hash rosin extraction process preserves full-spectrum cannabinoids and beneficial plant properties, increasing their bioavailability for a more potent, full-bodied experience. The rosin extraction method involves using only temperature and pressure to create a rich, cannabis concentrate. Solventless extraction also eliminates the need for chemicals and reduces the high energy cost and waste associated with other common extraction methods.

The decision to reformulate the Grön line of edibles was based on the mission to provide an elevated experience that meets the current consumer demand. Consumers in Grön’s home state of Oregon, a market that legalized adult-use cannabis in 2014, are experienced and well-informed on the production processes of their favorite brands. Through the reformulation, Grön is applying the latest cannabis extraction technology to offer the full benefits of the cannabis plant while staying true to Oregon’s cannabis culture.

“We’re excited to bring the latest cannabis extraction technology to our Oregon community,” said Christine Smith, founder and CEO of Grön. “We pride ourselves on providing innovative edibles that are good for the customer and good for the earth.”