Stoli Group, manufacturer and distributor of Stoli vodka, has invested in The Pathfinder Hemp and Root, a non-alcoholic amaro fermented and distilled from hemp.

Bittersweet and gently tart, The Pathfinder Hemp and Root features the distinctive flavor of hemp, balanced out with many of the herbs, barks and roots common in traditional amaros and gins, such as Douglas fir, sage, juniper, saffron, wormwood and angelica root.

"The Pathfinder is a pioneering non-alcoholic spirit made from fermented and distilled hemp resulting in a highly unique bitter, sweet, and complex elixir that is remarkable and highly versatile," says Co-founder Guy Escolme. "In a world of imitation, The Pathfinder is a true disruptor, endorsed by trailblazing bars and world-class bartenders who prioritize innovation over imitation. The Pathfinder and Stoli Group embarking on this new journey together is truly a new frontier."

The Pathfinder was the No. 1 selling product this year in many non-alcoholic retailers across the country, including Met Market in Seattle; Wellspent in Portland; New York's Amor Y Amargo, Boisson, Spirited Away and Minus Moonshine; Atlanta's The Zero Proof and The Zero Co.; Los Angeles' New Bar; Pittsburgh's Open Road; and Virginia's Point 5.

"We are excited about investing in The Pathfinder Hemp and Root and the diversification it brings to the Stoli Group portfolio,” said Damian McKinney, global CEO, Stoli Group. "The Pathfinder is a true trailblazer in the zero-proof category and as this massive shift in the culture of socialization continues, The Pathfinder and Stoli Group combo creates limitless possibilities."

In drinks, The Pathfinder behaves like a spirit and can be served in coffee, sipped neat, served on the rocks, or used as the base of a cocktail. The Pathfinder Hemp and Root is available in a 700 ml bottle for $39.99. 

"We have won over a lot of skeptics who didn't believe that non-alcoholic options would find a place in the beverage world," said Kraig Rovensky, global ambassador for The Pathfinder Hemp and Root. "We're blazing a trail for those who want to try something different – and the demand we've seen in the past few months proves that zero-proof spirits are here to stay."