Many cannabis brands are combining THC, minor cannabinoids and botanicals to create products that support specific effects.

SLANG Worldwide’s Alchemy Naturals brand is among those leveraging the power of these combinations, offering a range of gummies that serve need cases including sleep, intimacy, and stress and pain relief. The line is rounded out by three fruit flavors, including Pomegranate Berry, Ginger Mango and Blackberry Lime.

Cannabis Products Insider recently spoke to Mike Yerigan, director of business development for SLANG Worldwide, about effects-based edibles, the use of melatonin and the role botanicals can play in creating targeted cannabis products.

CPI: When did Alchemy Naturals launch? What is the company’s mission?

MY: Alchemy Naturals launched in August 2022. The mission of Alchemy Naturals is to deliver an “All-Natural Rx.” We saw that consumers were increasingly turning to natural remedies to solve their day-to-day needs and felt that we could harness the best of plant-based medicine to design truly effective solutions for consumers, all with a great-tasting flavor profile.

CPI: How did Alchemy Naturals approach developing its gummy offerings?

MY: Our goal with this product was to develop an approachable plant-based gummy that was rooted in an effect-based offering. As cannabis becomes more well-known in the wellness space and science continues to emerge, we wanted to create a product that leveraged scientific learnings to deliver an evolved product offering. 

Our approach was very specific: stop developing products randomly as is common with other consumer goods and engage well-qualified, Ph.D. food scientists to help with the formulation.  We partnered with Open Book Extracts and hunkered down with them until perfection was achieved.

Alchemy Naturals Pomegranate Berry gummies

CPI: What role can botanicals play in creating effect-based cannabis products?

MY: Sometimes to look into the future, you must understand our past. We’ve only been using botanicals for roughly 60,000 years. Why would we change anything?  

Botanicals will play a crucial role in the creation of our future effect-based products. Science and new technologies will continue to reveal the properties and effects of these natural compounds. Botanicals can support well-being, energy, focus and relaxation, among many other need states.  Along with the evolution of cannabinoid influence, I am thrilled with what the future holds. 

CPI: What potential concerns exist in including melatonin in products designed to promote sleep?

MY: A big concern about using melatonin in products designed for sleep is the potential and probability for a variance in the concentration and safety in consuming. Furthermore, the FDA hasn’t tackled melatonin or a number of other supplements in a meaningful way and until then, there is certainly a risk, as we’ve seen in recent headlines. It is worth noting that melatonin is not a substance deemed generally recognized as safe (GRAS). As a consumer, we must all do our homework when seeking a remedy for specific needs, and brands must also do their part in creating safe and effective products backed by scientific evidence.

CPI: What role does third-party testing play in ensuring that products match label claims?

MY: Third-party testing is the foundation of the cannabis industry and this industry has thrived with transparency. Third-party helps to give consumers trust in the products they are consuming and holds brands accountable for creating products consistent with what they are advertising.

Alchemy Naturals Ginger Mango gummies

CPI: What do you expect to see happen in the effects-based products space in the future? 

MY: I think we’ll see a unique divide in effect-based products. Either a product will be steeped in a specific effect for the conscious consumer, or you’ll see the marketing efforts of a brand with a generic product — and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with such products. Many times, I just want a gummy to eat a gummy.

As more clinical trials on cannabis come to fruition, I believe we’ll see more and more designer products that target very specific effects for very specific people. We have to be mindful that we’ll likely never find that silver bullet. What helps me sleep at night is certainly different from what works best for a friend or family member.   

In the future, maybe after I get my online DNA testing results back, I’ll also receive recommendations for products to help with my anxiety, sleep, pain, poor libido, energy, stress or other concerns.