Planta Scientific has launched E-200 MATRIX, a concentrated nano-encapsulation technology for fast-acting, water-based THC products. 

This technology solves issues plaguing the THC-infused products industry, including potency, stability, ease of production, water-solubility, multi-state market product consistency and production at scale.

E-200 MATRIX allows formulators to nano-encapsulate any cannabinoid or blend of cannabinoids. Planta Scientific's approach to creating stable, fast-acting, water-soluble THC liposomes at scale creates an advantage for large-volume THC product manufacturers who want to lower their costs and increase potency in water-based THC products. This also allows multi-state operators to deploy the same MATRIX encapsulation tech across all markets and all products, ensuring cross-market product consistency.

E-200 MATRIX can support up to 30% total cannabinoid content. Its ideal particle size of 200 nm (d90) ensures oral and topical absorption with PSD verification.

"Our E-200 MATRIX is a game-changer for the cannabis industry,” said Planta Scientific CEO Rudy Ellenbogen. “With no need for specialized equipment or training, our nanotechnology offers a total potency promise of 30%, far exceeding the industry's 10% standard. We're excited to bring this scalable and cost-effective solution for producing high-potency THC-infused products to the industry.”

Planta Scientific has a current capacity of more than 5,000 liters a month, with a 2024 capacity of more than 50,000 liters a month.