Fizzy THC has launched dissolvable beverage tablets in Minnesota.

The company’s flagship product allows consumers to infuse their favorite beverages with low doses of hemp-derived delta-9-THC. The 2.5 mg tablets are tasteless, odorless and fast-acting. Consumers can feel the effects in as little as 10 minutes.

"There have been so many innovative cannabis products that have hit the Twin Cities in the past couple of years,” said David Gonzalez-Cameron, founder and CEO of Fizzy THC. “When statute 151.72 passed in 2022, the flood gates opened and Minnesota's cannabis industry has taken off. Our goal is to provide consumers a new way to enjoy cannabis with water soluble, dissolvable tablets and products.”

Fizzy THC dissolvable tablets are one of a variety of products Fizzy offers. In addition to beverage tablets, Fizzy THC produces THC-infused sugar cubes for hot beverages, teeth-whitening THC mints, gummies and additional products coming out in the next month. Fizzy can be found in dispensaries across the Twin Cities, with its largest presence at Hemp House, which sells Fizzy in stores, online and through delivery. Fizzy can also be found in coffee shops, bars/restaurants, and barber shops throughout the Twin Cities.

"So many people are canna-curious and the variety of people we've helped has been fascinating,” Gonzalez-Cameron said. “Whether it's a first time consumer or someone who has been enjoying cannabis for some time, there are so many different types of people looking for new ways to consume cannabis. I never expected to be delivering cannabis products to nursing homes, but cannabis is great for pain relief, sleeping, etc. so I shouldn't be that surprised.”