Curaleaf Holdings, Inc. has launched JAMS, a flavor-forward brand designed for new cannabis consumers and those seeking an introduction to edibles. 

JAMS is now available in Florida and is coming soon to Arizona, with Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Nevada and New York expected to follow in the coming months

Featuring an array of flavors and form factors, JAMS offers cannabis-infused edibles in a range of dosage options that can take effect in as few as 15 minutes. The edibles are formulated utilizing nano and liposomal technologies to ensure consistency and efficacy. The full product lineup includes:

  • Jellies: These naturally-flavored jellies feature 10 mg THC and are offered in Mixed Berry (Indica), Ruby Red Grapefruit (Sativa) and Peach (Hybrid) varieties.
  • Fast-Acting Jellies: Providing effects in as few as 15 minutes, these 5 mg THC jellies are offered in Sour Watermelon Lime (Indica), Sour Strawberry Lemonade (Sativa) and Sour Green Apple (Hybrid) varieties.
  • Chocos: With 5 mg THC per piece, these chocolate bars are available in three flavors: White Chocolate Birthday Cake, Milk Chocolate Pretzel and Dark Chocolate Peppermint.
  • Tarts: Great for microdosing, these fast-acting, 2.5 mg THC tarts are available in Tangerine, Raspberry Lemonade and Strawberry flavors.

"We're excited to welcome JAMS to our brand portfolio as part of our continued commitment to developing and expanding access to high-quality cannabis brands and products," said Curaleaf CEO Matt Darin. "JAMS speaks to the growing need for innovative, reliable cannabis products that resonate with a wide variety of consumers at all stages of their cannabis journeys. Florida and Arizona remain priority markets for the launch and we look forward to expanding JAMS to additional markets in the very near future."

The edibles market has continued to gain popularity throughout the U.S. in the last two years, with gummies and chocolate accounting for an increased share across the category. JAMS products are uniquely positioned for cannabis consumers in search of a reliable edibles brand in a variety of form factors.

"JAMS represents the pinnacle of our edibles formulations by combining great flavor with innovative cannabinoid delivery technologies and the highest level of quality and consistency," said Jessie Kater, SVP of innovation and R&D. "Developed by our team of chemists, biochemists and food scientists, JAMS has undergone rigorous quality, consistency and stability testing to ensure a consistent and reliable experience."