Entourage Health Corp. has launched CBD chewing gum, available to Starseed Medicinal patients on the company’s medical platform.

The sugar-free chewing gum is formulated with CBD isolate to provide a rapid onset, with 20 mg per unit  and 200 mg per pack. The gum is made in partnership with NordicCan, a global leader in oral and intra-oral delivery systems. The gum is naturally flavored with eucalyptus, lemon and mint, providing a convenient and discreet controlled release of cannabinoids.

"Our commitment to developing innovative product formulations has led us to engage with industry partners as part of our ongoing commitment to meeting our patients’ changing and varied needs,” said CEO and Executive Chair George Scorsis. “Introducing CBD chewing gum allows us to improve the patient experience with a consistent pipeline of products.

Starseed currently offers more than 45 products, including cannabis-infused soft chews, capsules, transdermal patches, balms, oils, vapes and dried flower products.