The Terpene Store has launched its Naturals line, developed in partnership with cannabis scientist Dr. Jeffrey C. Raber and his team at The Werc Shop.

The line features 30 curated terpene profiles, including cultivar foundations such as Blue Dream, Pineapple Slushy and Kush Berry, made from all-natural sources.

“We are proud to work with The Terpene Store to bring our understanding of detailed cannabis cultivar profiles and knowledge of individual natural ingredients to their catalog offering,” Raber said. “We collectively worked diligently to design products that will support both California clients and others well into the future for their inhalable cannabis formulations. We look forward to continuing to work with The Terpene Store to further advance quality assurance and effective utilization of inhalable cannabis ingredients.”

The Terpene Store is committed to creating flavors using high quality ingredients and adhering to safety and quality standards in the production of its products.

“We look forward to continually working with The Werc Shop to further refine our framework of ingredient safety to offer only the highest quality products,” said Managing Partner Steve Lee. “We are excited about working together on more projects in the coming future with the goal of providing innovative solutions and unparalleled service to our customers.”

The new natural terpene line is now available for purchase through The Terpene Store’s website and wholesale phone orders.