Cannabis beverage brand Cantrip has partnered with Doobie on direct-to-consumer cannabis delivery.

Through Doobie Direct, customers in Massachusetts can order delivery of Cantrip products on the brand's website.

"We are excited to partner with Doobie to deliver our high-quality cannabis beverages directly to customers in Massachusetts,” said Dylan Lowery, COO and co-founder at Cantrip.  "Through Doobie Direct, Cantrip can reach new customers who might not enter a dispensary but are curious and desire healthier alternatives to alcohol.”

Cantrip offers vegan, gluten-free, fast-acting cannabis beverages in unique flavors, including fan favorite Blackberry Lavender. Additionally, the company is committed to positive social impact through its collaborations with organizations supporting the LGBTQ+ community as well as emerging artists.

"Doobie Direct provides companies the opportunity to strengthen their brand loyalty with customers by offering a convenient and safe delivery solution," said Ericca Kennedy, co-founder of Doobie. "We are proud to work with Cantrip, a brand that produces a great product and is committed to positive social impact."

Doobie's partnership with Cantrip is the cannabis delivery partner's fourth direct-to-consumer partnership, following launches with leading brands Cann, Fernway and TILT Holding's Commonwealth Alternative Care.