Ally Biotech has acquired the Chill Pill brand, which includes a line of softgel caps, and all its assets from Desert Medical Campus in an all-cash transaction.

The Chill Pill brand, founded in 2018 by Andrew Provencio at his Desert Medical Campus facility, offered the first THC soft gel cap on the market in Arizona. The Chill Pill line is now distributed in nearly 40 licensed Arizona dispensaries.

Ally Biotech is behind Lipofusion, a proprietary nano-liposomal technology that protects bio-actives from degradation in the digestive system and provides effective and increased absorption on the cellular level.

Ally Biotech President Jim Mackowiak said plans are underway to expand the Chill Pill line with products that have highly bioavailable custom formulations. 

“The new wave of cannabis consumers value rapid-onset products that are consistent and safe,” he said.

“Chill Pill provides a great delivery system for a consistently accurate dose,” added Francis Baczek, VP of business development. “We are excited to add new products, expand our team, and bring our improved science and technology to the growth of our business and our brands. We have seen tremendous success with the Chill Pill brand because consumers rely upon its products’ accurate dosing, convenience, consistency, and predictable therapeutic effects. Ally Biotech will continue building upon our strong vision for both the medical and adult-use markets, and is well poised to expand the brand successfully.”

The Chill Pill soft gel cap line includes:

  • Day Caps – a sativa-dominant formula
  • Anytime Caps – a formulation that combines sativa and indica
  • Night Caps – an indica dominant formula
  • Anytime Caps + CBD – a 1:1 blend of THC and CBD
  • THC-A – Non-intoxicating symptom relief with no psychoactive effects