Drippy Enterprises Inc. has launched Deep End, a 4-oz. 100 mg THC shot that's low in sugar and calories. 

Deep End is a product extension beyond Drippy’s 10 mg THC and 10 mg CBN soda flavors: Grape Sunset, Strawberry Haze and Citrus Fade. Drippy's product lines utilize nanotechnology to ensure rapid onset.

The company also used artificial intelligence to design the packaging. 

“Deep End is another step in our mission to make beverages for the real cannabis smokers in the world,” said Alleh Lindquist, another co-founder at Drippy. “The beverage market is poised to be one of if not the largest segment of the cannabis industry and nobody was focused on providing drinks for the cannabis culter this industry is built upon. All we had to do was make drinks we actually wanted to drink ourselves.”

Drippy's sodas are now available for purchase at select cannabis retail locations throughout California.