Petalfast has entered into a sales and distribution partnership with Old Pal in California and Arizona.

“Old Pal is an established brand focused on making cannabis accessible by delivering high-quality, fairly-priced products to consumers from all walks of life,” said Petalfast CEO Jason Vegotsky. “Their inviting brand presence has defined a much-needed space within the industry and they have cultivated an incredible base of loyal patrons across multiple states. We are excited to work with Old Pal to emphasize its strengths and help the brand continue to succeed in California and Arizona.”

Old Pal offers the Baked at Home cannabis-infused brownie mix and Ready to Roll pre-ground kits, as well as pre-roll and whole flower options. The multi-state brand also offers lifestyle products beyond cannabis, such as surfboards, skateboards, home goods and smoking accessories.

“By focusing on an ethos of simplicity and community, all of our offerings are designed to reach the consumer where they are,” said Old Pal CEO Rusty Wilenkin. “As we continue to scale nationwide, Petalfast’s sales and distribution expertise will help drive our products into new channels, while ensuring the spirit of our brand remains strong as ever.”