Good Mood Cannabis Kitchen, Inc. has partnered with the Yellowstoned Family of Companies to launch the portable and discreet CannaCap in Montana.

"Yellowstoned is a forward-thinking company with the highest quality standards, creating a perfect licensing partner for our innovative drink boosters," said Derek Hopkins, CEO of Good Mood Cannabis Kitchen.

Good Mood Cannabis Kitchen launched CannaCap THC drink boosters in California last year in 10 mg and 100 mg doses. The company is marketing its Tyson 2.0 drinks and licensing CannaCap to all legal medical cannabis markets in U.S. states and globally.

"Thanks to our new partners at CannaCap, Montana will experience Tyson 2.0's first cannabis beverage and custom Yellowstoned CannaCap drink boosters in multiple flavors and doses,” said Danielle Kingston, co-founder and CEO of Yellowstoned. "We believe the quality of your cannabis experience should be just as exceptional as the wild landscapes of Montana. With Good Mood Cannabis Kitchen and Tyson, it's a knockout partnership. Our passion for delivering the finest products pairs nicely with Tyson's ethos and Good Mood Cannabis Kitchen's innovation."