Insa has released a line of limited-edition products for Valentine’s Day.

Available only at Insa’s Massachusetts locations, the company has introduced chocolate truffles and drops handcrafted with real fruit and European chocolate.

“This Valentine’s Day, we searched to find the best recipes to incorporate our love of chocolate and rich seasonal flavors for a lasting impression,” said Julian Rose, head chef and director of R&D at Insa. “We use holidays like this one as inspiration for developing distinctive flavors that amplify the essence of this special time of year. Each Red Velvet Cake Truffle is crafted with fresh, delectable ganache in every bite, and each bite of our Cosmopolitan Drop tastes like a sip of the classic cocktail.”

 Insa’s Red Velvet Cake Truffles combine red velvet ganache in a shell of smooth milk chocolate. With 5 mg THC per serving and six truffles per package, there’s plenty to love. Each box retails for $20.

Insa’s Cosmopolitan Drops offer a blend of luxurious cranberry and lime flavors. They come lightly dusted with finishing sugar and contain 5 mg THC per piece. They retail for $30 per 100 mg container.