Resonate Blends, Inc.’s Koan Cordials are now available at The Woods dispensary and lounge in West Hollywood.

The Woods, located in West Hollywood’s Emerald Village, features many areas spread across 8,000 sq. ft., each with a unique ambience. A stylish indoor retail space sells everything from joints and edibles to smoking accessories, all of which are also offered with free delivery and pickup.

Behind the building is a garden with paths that pass Balinese sculptures, a koi pond and resident macaws and cockatiels. Patrons are welcome to enjoy all of it within one of the garden’s cabana spaces or at the cannabis bar.

“This is absolutely the perfect location for our Koan Cordial family of products,” said Geoff Selzer, CEO of Resonate Blends. “Our products were designed for wellness-focused, intentional users and what better place to set one’s intention than the Zen-influenced, natural environment of The Woods. The word ‘Koan,’ after all, is a Zen term meaning a paradox on the path to enlightenment. We have seen that The Woods co-founder, Woody Harrelson, shares our mission, which is to provide quality, effect-focused, life-enhancing cannabis products, rather than the highest THC for the dollar.”

Koan Cordials are 100% plant-based, vegan, sugar-free, all-natural and precisely-calibrated experiences that can be ingested as a shot or mixed with any drink of the consumer’s choice. The branding complements the attractive product presentation at The Woods. Koan Cordials are available in seven experiences: Calm, Create, Delight, Love, Play, Wonder and Sleep in convenient, discrete single-servings and multi-serve bottles.