Root & Bloom and Joyibles have partnered to manufacture and distribute Joy Bombs Candy-Coated Fruit Chews in Massachusetts. 

Inspired by a classic candy, Joy Bombs are based on Joyibles, which were created in Colorado. Joy Bombs have fruit flavors and are each dosed with 2.5 mg of THC.

"Bringing cannabis products to Massachusetts from another state is no easy task, due to the complex laws and regulations governing manufacturing and sales,” said Root & Bloom CEO Tom Regan. “Root & Bloom is proud to have refined the capabilities and expertise to help out-of-state innovators, like Joyibles, bring unique, high quality cannabis products to Massachusetts. Joy Bombs is like no other product, replacing the traditional 'gummy' with handmade, candy-coated fruit chews. Root & Bloom is excited to help Joyibles bring this spectacular product to Massachusetts consumers."

A full bag of Joy Bombs contains 40 pieces and 100 mg of THC. Original Fruit Joy Bombs are available in Strawberry, Lemon, Grape and Fruit Punch flavors, but Joyibles is working with Root & Bloom to deliver more flavors later this year.

"We focus on developing products that feel comfortable to use, especially if you're new to cannabis," said Joyibles CEO Don Novak. "With Joyibles our goal is to create fun, familiar candy experiences for adult consumers. Joy Bombs are easy to share, pocket-friendly, non-melting, and perfectly dosed to suit everyone's preferred amount of THC."

In addition to providing Joyibles with manufacturing support, Root & Bloom will also distribute Joy Bombs to its network of more than 80 Massachusetts partner dispensaries.