1906 is partnering with Day Three Labs to bring to market a new line of edibles powered by Unlokt, a protein-based delivery technology. 

Without any synthetic ingredients or surfactants, Unlokt preserves terpenes and cannabinoids, resulting in a functional experience. Unlokt packs cannabis within a natural protein that shuttles the cannabis directly into the body's circulation by bypassing first-pass metabolism in the liver.

"We were the first to introduce innovative, fast-acting cannabis edibles with our chocolates and we were the first to innovate form factors with Drops, and we continue to prioritize innovation to deliver the best cannabis experiences to people across the country," said Peter Barsoom, co-founder and CEO of 1906. "We have been developing this new melt-in-your mouth product line for the past few years with a vision of creating the best edible on the market. Unlokt is the only technology that fully met our needs for this new product line."

"1906 is one of the most innovative brands in cannabis and always on the leading edge, so it makes sense they want to unlock the cannabis in their new line of products with our Unlokt technology," added Josh Rubin, co-founder and CEO of Day Three Labs. "We are excited about this partnership because we share 1906's vision of enhancing people's lives with products that deliver specific experiences in ways that were impossible to date."

Unlokt uses a water-soluble powder that can be incorporated into a range of formats, including gummies, beverages and sublinguals. Edibles including Toci Treats and Olio Live Edibles are powered by Unlokt and on dispensary shelves in California and Colorado.

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