CBD Naturals® introduced Hemp Rain®, a line of hemp-infused sparkling beverages for health-boosting refreshment.

Designed for refreshment and health, the lightly flavored carbonated beverages come in a variety of flavors and are packed with phytonutrients and terpenes for anytime enjoyment. With no sugar or artificial flavors or colors, Hemp Rain® drinks are vegan, gluten-free, eco-friendly and packed with sustainable ingredients. A portion of all proceeds from product sales will be dedicated to hemp education and initiatives.

"Hemp is one of the most versatile and sustainable plants on earth, and we believe that the union of hemp and sparkling water is truly a marriage made in heaven," said Jared Berry, founder and CEO of CBD Naturals® and founder of Isodiol; which now share a strategic partnership. "Hemp-infused beverages can contribute to a healthy, hydrated lifestyle and overall sense of wellness, and we can't wait to see the looks on people's faces when they get to try these delicious drinks."

Hemp Rain® beverages take advantage of CBD Naturals®' proprietary ingredient PhytoFXTM, a cannabinoid complex powered with colloidal smart delivery technology. CBD Naturals® Hemp Rain® products provide antioxidants to feed the body and support renewal, as well as beta-caryophyllene for a synergistic entourage effect between ingredients; they are designed to support hydration, the immune system and a sense of well-being.