Xanthic Biopharma Inc. rebranded its Oregon-based strategic partner, "Avitas CBD Water, LLC", as "Xanthic Beverages". Concurrent with the corporate name change, Xanthic Beverages is rebranding its flagship product, "Avitas CBD Water", as "Xanthic CBD Water", which is still expected to ship before the fourth of July. These changes are expected to reinforce Xanthic's national brand proposition in the United States and expand the visibility of Xanthic's expertise in water solubility of cannabinoids.

Xanthic CBD Water uses CBD that is not derived from hemp or marijuana, allowing for production in a good manufacturing practice facility and distribution outside the licensed dispensary universe. Xanthic CBD Water is being produced by a Pepsico-contracted bottler under the same quality standards as the entire range of Pepsico-branded soft drinks. This bottler will also be distributing Xanthic CBD Water to over 500 retail locations, which are part of the existing Pepsico customer base, including grocery retailers and convenience stores, across Eastern Washington and Northeast Oregon.