The past few years have proven transformative. Our planet has endured a seismic COVID-19 pandemic shock that disrupted established patterns—and created new pathways. Our ability to gather in person disappeared overnight, and is only now starting to return. Travel stopped. Then started. Then stopped again. And then started once again—hopefully for good.

We’ve endured the same cycle with in-person events and other key opportunities to gather and learn, such as production plant visits. Many food and beverage production facilities are only now starting to begin accepting visitors onto the plant floor again. I’ll be getting out to meet with the industry at every opportunity, and crave the market insights I gain from these in-person interactions.

But along the way, we’ve learned much about our remote capabilities—particularly when it comes to technology. Many of our freshly developed and refined remote tools will serve us well as we move forward in an industry that increasingly embraces the efficiency, safety, and transparency that connectivity brings—including how we interact as an industry throughout the year.

But nothing compares to the spark of excitement and innovation that charges in-person discussions with impassioned colleagues. And the American cannabis industry is certainly never short on impassioned, evangelistic professionals traveling enterprising pathways, helping define an industry in the process.

As we emerge from the lessons of the past few years, I’m yearning for the type of unsurpassed business intelligence offered by in-person discussions—and ideation. To that end, I’m greatly looking forward to our third annual—and first in-person!—Cannabis Products Exchange (CPX), CPX22, taking place in Denver on April 28 and 29. We launched CPX in the early days of the sudden COVID-19 pandemic, and we thrilled to host our inaugural in-person event, CPX22.

During CPX22, we will host presentations from some of the top cannabis-infused food and beverage brands across the country:

  • Cann
  • Cresco Labs
  • Keef Brands
  • Love’s Oven
  • Ripple/Stillwater Brands
  • Wana Brands

These industry leaders will offer perspectives and insights into where we are as an infused F&B industry, shining a light on the myriad pathways ahead of us. Discussions will intersect with all aspects of cannabinoid-infused food and beverage product development and production, including every step in the supply chain, ingredients, equipment, packaging, concept development, market strategies, commercialization, and more. This is the roadmap to the industry.

Hope to see you at CPX22, a unique opportunity to participate in the future of our expanding world of cannabis-infused foods and beverages.

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