A new year calls for a new beginning, and Cannabis Products is starting 2023 with a new name, a refreshed eNewsletter and a renewed commitment to providing important insights to the cannabis food and beverage industry.

We’re now known as Cannabis Products Insider, but we still offer the latest information around topics that are most relevant to those playing in the edibles category, including multi-state operators (MSOs), smaller cannabis manufacturers, and dispensary chain owners, among others.

BNP Media, the parent company of Cannabis Products Insider, moved into the cannabis space in 2018 with the goal of leveraging its expertise in food and beverage to build a bridge between the traditional CPG industry and burgeoning U.S. cannabis markets.

But due to a variety of circumstances — including the lack of federal legalization — traditional CPG manufacturers, by and large, have taken a wait-and-see approach to the cannabis market. With the notable exception of the beverage industry — and specifically, the alcohol category — many CPG companies are watching what smaller cannabis manufacturers and MSOs are facing and accomplishing within the cannabis arena.

With that in mind, we’re retooling how we serve our audience. We are focusing on the companies that build and shape the cannabis edibles industry by braving the challenges of operating within competitive, individualized state markets. We’ll cover topics including:

  • Product development
  • Manufacturing
  • Regulatory
  • Food safety
  • Ingredients
  • Equipment
  • Packaging
  • Retail

In addition to our rejuvenated, full-service website, our readers can access the latest content through the weekly Cannabis Products Insights eNewsletter, as well as on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.

We are excited to serve the edibles industry, and we can’t wait to further acquaint ourselves with our readers, learning more about their successes, their concerns and the challenges they face as pioneers of the cannabis industry. If you have ideas on how we can better serve you — or if you’d like to engage with our platform — please don’t hesitate to reach out.