Old Pal has partnered with Consensus Holdings to produce and distribute edibles, flower and cartridge products in Arizona. 

Consensus Holdings operates a production facility, indoor flower cultivation, distribution hub and brand house featuring the Feel Sublime brand, plus a portfolio of third-party brands including Korova, Levata, Country Cannabis, Weedsy, SiP Elixirs, Wonderbrett and now Old Pal. Launched in Arizona’s medical market in 2014, Consensus Holdings and its brand partners are committed to quality and consistency, as well as its rigorous, quality-controlled processes backed by third-party lab testing. 

Consensus Holdings operates in multiple markets across the country. It has partnered with Petalfast for sales and field marketing support in Arizona. Together, Consensus and Petalfast offer a suite of services for expanding cannabis brands in the markets in which they operate. 

“Consensus is proud to offer Old Pal in the Arizona market, we love the brand’s unique look and feel, trademark products, and the national recognition they’ve built across the many states the brand is present in,” said Shawn Falconbridge, managing director of Consensus Holdings. “Our goal as an operations and distribution focused operator is to offer our clientele a wide range of quality products across categories and price points, and Old Pal is the perfect complement to our existing suite of owned and partner brands. Old Pal has proven market after market that they make products that resonate with cannabis consumers, and we are proud to be their Arizona partner.”

Arizona’s adult-use cannabis market has matured since its launch in 2021, and it is evolving as a prominent region in the West Coast cannabis market. With tourist traffic, and nationally recognized special events stacked up in the state throughout 2023 and beyond, Arizona presents a unique opportunity for brands to drive awareness and trial with an increasing number of consumers. 

“Old Pal is a cannabis brand focused on bringing people together and keeping cannabis simple by delivering consistent, high-quality, shareable products,” said Rusty Wilenkin, founder of Old Pal. “As we grow our national presence, we are always excited to find like-minded partners who can help us bring this vision to life. We were very pleased to meet and transition our Arizona operations to Consensus Holdings, and are excited to grow together in Arizona and beyond.”

Sublime-produced Old Pal products will be available beginning in the first quarter of 2023, with more SKUs rolling out through the year.

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