HighBridge Holdings, Inc. has introduced its hemp-derived delta-9-THC beverages in Minnesota through a partnership with MOB Distribution. 

HighBridge currently produces three faux beers, two botanical seltzers, an energy drink and a variety of specialty beverages including its new line of mocktails.

HighBridge is a multistate operator (MSO) developing an international footprint. It specializes in the formulation, production, and sale of premium recreational cannabis and hemp-based beverages.

"What started as a recreational product in cannabis-legal states like California and Arizona, has now been re-formulated with hemp-derived delta-9, making it legal in a majority of states," said James Hunter, founder of HighBridge. "A few months ago, Minnesota was not even on our radar, and now we are thrilled to have a presence here.”

HighBridge said adjusting the formulas of its products to be compliant with Minnesota regulations took a few months. The first products are scheduled to hit the shelves throughout Minnesota this month.

MOB Distribution is owned and operated by two Minnesotans: James Schaefer and Michael Barth. Schaefer, with a degree in engineering, is a longtime metro area businessman and entrepreneur. Barth brings with him nearly 30 years of combined experience in military logistics and sales. 

"We saw the opportunity presented by HighBridge and could not be happier to be part of the HighBridge team," Schaefer said. 

"We will first be introducing the HighBridge faux beer products, then adding additional products after the first of the year," Barth added.

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