Cronos Group Inc. has launched Spinach FEELZ THC+CBC Day Trip gummies, utilizing Ginkgo Bioworks’ platform for organism design and development.

The Spinach FEELZ Day Trip gummies are the first CBC gummy product in Canada and the first of its kind to feature a 3:1 ratio of CBC to THC. The product is currently available in Alberta and British Columbia and will be rolled out to additional provinces over the coming weeks.

Available in a Mango Lime flavor, these gummies feature 10 mg THC and 30 mg CBC per pack of five.

“We’re incredibly excited about the potential of CBC, and the Spinach FEELZ Day Trip gummies have the perfect combination of THC and CBC, which offers a unique and differentiated experience,” said Mike Gorenstein, chairman, president, and CEO, Cronos. “Our patent pending formulation is its own special vibe. It’s the perfect product to energize your high and lead you on an uplifting adventure or to an impromptu dance party – let it take you on a trip and enjoy wherever you might end up.”

Spinach FEELZ is Cronos’ brand committed to bringing a products featuring rare cannabinoids to consumers in a range of product formats. Each product is designed to deliver unique experiences made possible through proprietary blends of rare cannabinoids alongside more common cannabinoids, like THC and CBD.

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