Sunsoil, a certified organic hemp farm and CBD brand in Vermont, has introduced organic CBD gummies.

Sunsoil, which spent more than a year to develop its formula, has launched gummies with three pillars:

  • Green: USDA-certified organic and made with Sunsoil’s whole-plant infused hemp extract, giving the gummies a natural green color (the color of hemp).
  • Lean: Just 2 g of sugar per serving and made without artificial sweeteners or sugar alcohols
  • Mean: Each gummy contains 20 mg of full-spectrum CBD

The gummies — which are also vegan and gluten free — will debut in Cinnamon, with other flavors to follow.

"We never wanted to make CBD gummies,” said founder and CEO Alejandro Bergad. “Initially, it didn’t feel right to mix hemp with sugar.”

“But our customers kept asking us to make a better gummy than the ones that they were buying elsewhere, a gummy with cleaner ingredients and with enough potency to provide real benefits,” added co-founder Jacob Goldstein.

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