HYTN Innovations Inc.’s subsidiary, HYTN Cannabis Inc., has completely sold out its holiday offerings across Canada.

The products, which include THC-infused Spiced Apple Cider and Mandarin Orange nano-gummies and sparkling beverages, were formulated for the holiday season and have a unique motif celebrating the season. The Nano-Gummies also feature the company’s unique merchandised master pack, providing value for cannabis retailers.

“Nova Scotia took the lead by requesting a holiday offering and we were able to work with other provincial buyers in British Columbia and Saskatchewan to make this opportunity a reality,” said HYTN CEO Elliot McKerr. “Our integrated product development platform demonstrates the ability to rapidly innovate within the cannabis marketplace and we are encouraged by the demand for limited product offerings. I would expect this to be the first of many limited product offerings to be associated with holidays and events and am looking forward to the continued development of HYTN products.”

These products are the first to feature the newest iteration of HYTN's Elevation Technology, delivering a rapid onset of effects and predictable and controllable dose and experience. The new formulation, which has been in development for over 12 months, has yielded better results in particle size, consistency, taste, and has reduced HYTN’s costs by more than 50%.

“This achievement demonstrates HYTNs ability to rapidly develop new products and move them through our robust quality and testing systems,” said Jason Broome, HYTN chief operating officer. “Bringing these holiday specific products to market in a narrow two-month window demonstrates our ability to meet customer demand and is challenging for other cannabis producers to emulate. The new Spiced Apple Cider THC Sparkling Beverage is also our first fruit-based product and highlights some of the best flavors of the Okanagan Valley, a region rich in apple cultivation tradition. On top of these products tasting great, they also feature the next generation of Elevation Technology, allowing smaller particle size and an improved flavor profile.”

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