Videojet Technologies, a leader in coding, marking and printing solutions, aims to serve the cannabis industry by understanding and supporting processors’ and manufacturers’ regulatory, production and branding efforts.

By integrating thermal transfer overprinters (TTO), continuous inkjet (CIJ) printers, thermal inkjet (TIJ) printers and laser marking systems with OEM packaging equipment and onto cannabis packaging and production lines, Videojet helps cannabis processors and packagers print and mark on packaging and even directly on certain products like edibles. 

Cannabis processors must meet a variety of labeling requirements for their products. These requirements are strictly regulated, can change quickly and vary state by state. In addition, cannabis processors must fit information such as date codes, batch numbers, strain, weight, cannabinoid and other details onto small and varied packaging surfaces, all the while ensuring this content complements the design of each type of cannabis packaging. 

As the industry grows and matures, cannabis processors are refining operations by transitioning from pre-printed package content to variable printing on the packaging line, helping to unlock many benefits. From meeting regulatory requirements on demand and simplifying SKU management to reducing waste and packaging related costs, cannabis processors are seeking label alternatives to help automate processes, strengthen product branding and shift labor to higher priority tasks. 

Information about the product and other variable data, logos and symbols can be printed or marked during the packaging process on packaging materials including flexible film pouches, paper, cardboard, glass, plastic and metal containers. Videojet helps OEMs and cannabis producers identify the printing and marking solutions that meet equipment integration requirements, line speeds and the desired code color, contrast and resolution.

“Processors and packagers of cannabis, THC and CBD products can be challenged to place vital product information on small, varied packaging surfaces without applying labels,” said Yogi Nayak, vertical marketing manager for Videojet. “Videojet is helping them to use automation to accurately and efficiently print regulatory, product and brand information while reducing manual labor in their operations.”

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