In response to the holiday demand for cannabis beverages, Truss Beverage Co. has introduced Rolling Wrapping Paper, a limited-time offering for Canadians who wish to wrap their cannabis beverage gifts.

"We're excited to offer legal-age Canadians a fun and festive way to share their cannabis beverages over the holidays," said Lori Hatcher, head of commercial at Truss Beverage Co. "Truss’ Rolling Wrapping Paper not only helps beverages appear more approachable to those who may be intimidated by current packaging labels, but it makes giving the gift of cannabis beverages easier than ever."

A recent Truss survey found that more Canadians are making cannabis beverages part of their festive celebrations, with 41% of legal-age consumers reporting they would bring a cannabis beverage to a social occasion. The findings also revealed that more than half (51%) of surveyed Canadians would consider gifting a cannabis-related product this holiday season, and within this subset of respondents, 49% would choose to give the gift of a cannabis beverage.

“As Canadians continue to return to normalcy this holiday season, we anticipate even more festive gatherings and occasions to socialize with a beverage in-hand,” Truss Beverage Co. CEO Dave Schlosser. “This presents a huge opportunity to drive product consideration, trial, and ultimately category growth, which remains a priority for Truss as a leader in cannabis beverages.” 

Aligning with select brands under the Truss portfolio, including House of Terpenes, Mollo, Little Victory and XMG, the Rolling Wrapping Paper is available in four patterns at select retailers across Canada. No purchase necessary. Recipients must be legal age.

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