TILT Holdings Inc. and Old Pal have collaborated on Baked at Home, a cannabis-infused brownie mix that is a simplified approach to a classic. 

Baked at Home includes simple dry ingredients – sugar, salt, baking powder and real cocoa – infused with 100 mg THC in powdered form. To prepare, consumers can add eggs and butter before baking at 350 degrees. The box produces 20 brownies, at roughly 5 mg each. 

The infused mix will be available in Massachusetts via TILT’s Commonwealth Alternative Care, Inc. In California, it’s produced by Big Pete’s and sent to retailers by Old Pal. Baked at Home will arrive on shelves just in time for Green Wednesday shopping, and it retails in both states for approximately $25.

“For people, their first edible experience was more than likely a brownie,” said TILT’s Senior Vice President of Corporate Development Cristina De Tomasi. “Old Pal’s ‘Baked at Home’ brownie mix is a great way to introduce, or reintroduce, edibles to cannabis curious adults in your life in a safe and delicious way. We look forward to continuing to build a rich brand partnership with Old Pal to help them realize their creative product development potential in Massachusetts and beyond.”

Each box of Baked at Home brownie mix is infused with a water-soluble powder created from locally sourced oil, which increases the bioavailability of the THC and allows the distillate to bond with the mix in powder form. This results in a smooth, light mixture similar to a traditional off-the-shelf, baked goods box mix that you can find at most grocery stores.

Massachusetts patients and consumers can find Baked at Home by Old Pal at TILT’s CAC dispensaries in Brockton, Cambridge and Taunton, as well as in select dispensaries throughout the state. Patients and consumers in California will be able to find Baked at Home at Eaze and SweetFlower in all locations ,with more launching shortly.

"Most cannabis consumers remember their first infused brownies as being a formative experience,” said Old Pal co-founder and CEO Rusty Wilenkin. “However, they were probably messy, uncertain and impossible to dose correctly. That’s why we collaborated with the team at TILT to develop ‘Baked at Home’ as a convenient box mix. We wanted to create a mixture as easy to make as any other non-infused version, with the added benefit of cannabis for unwinding during the Holiday period. We’re pleased to have TILT as a brand partner to help us bring this nostalgic brownie mix to life.”

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