Company: Syntegon


Equipment Snapshot: The Syntegon IDH is based on a newly developed picker technology using linear motors. The flexible pick-and-place machine not only ensures gentle product handling, but also offers a compact design and high output with the option of loading different products both flat and on-edge.

With 30 cycles per minute, up to 40 pickers pick the products from the process belt and place them into a flow-wrapper infeed or into trays. The cookies and crackers are handled with minimal mechanical stress and vacuum application, preventing breakage or damage to the product surface and ensuring optimal production efficiency.

An integrated camera-based vision system detects the position and shape of the cookies and crackers on the infeed belt and transmits this information to the picker control system. It identifies different product patterns or random arrangements and processes them reliably. Each picker can be aligned individually to ensure all products are placed into trays or the infeed chain correctly. Moreover, an integrated mini buffer automatically fills incomplete product rows, thus increasing system efficiency.

Despite its compact dimensions, the IDH achieves a maximum output rate of up to 800 products per minute, combined with its low reject rate and short downtimes, this ensures high overall equipment effectiveness.

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