Company: Charles Ross & Son Company


Equipment Snapshot: The Ross X-Series Inline Ultra-High Shear Mixer is designed for efficient high-throughput emulsification, dispersion, and homogenization. Available in both sanitary and industrial configurations, this versatile machine produces dispersions, suspensions and emulsions for a variety of industries, including food and pharmaceutical manufacturing.

The X-Series mix head is a patented design made up of concentric rows of intermeshing teeth. The product enters at the middle of the stator and travels outward through the radial channels. Every pass through the rotor/stator exposes the product to high shear due to the combination of tight tolerances and high tip speeds. Compared to traditional colloid mills, the X-Series routinely achieves a higher reduction in droplet or agglomerate size.

The Model HSM-409XSHD-125 is a CIP-capable sanitary mixer featuring a type 316 stainless steel mixing chamber, a 150-psig jacket for cooling and heating up to 250 degrees Fahrenheit, and an X-5 Series 9-inch diameter AL6XN stainless steel rotor/stator that operates up to 5700 rpm (13,430 feet/min tip speed).