Company: Baker Perkins Inc.


Equipment Snapshot: Baker Perkins Inc. has launched Infusent, an infused food equipment brand specializing in creating solutions and scalable equipment to support the infused product industry.

The Infusent ServoForm Mini is a servo-driven, short-run depositing system designed for entry-level operations or experimental and development work in more extensive operations. It can produce deposited candies, gummies, jellies, toffees and lollipops at piece weights ranging from 2 g to 16 g. The ServoForm Mini has hygienic design, making it ideal for production in the medicated markets.

Infusent starchless depositing technology is particularly suitable for healthcare products, where validation of the process is required. Dosing is consistent and repeatable, there is no recycling of starch, and the equipment is hygienic and easily cleaned.

The small footprint, low energy costs, and elimination of starch significantly reduce production costs compared with conventional starch molding processes. Low scrap rate, quick product changeovers, and continuous processing mean a rapid payback is assured.