TSUMo Snacks is launching two limited-edition flavors —Turkey Dinner Popped Potato Chips and Cinnamon Sugar Churro Crispy Tortilla Chips — ahead of the holiday season.

Inspired by nostalgic seasonal tastes, TSUMo Snacks brings these crispy cannabis crunchers to California consumers in 100 mg bags. The holiday offerings include:

  • Turkey Dinner: These popped potato chips are dusted with a savory turkey seasoning and infused with THC.
  • Cinnamon Sugar Churro: As TSUMo Snacks' first foray into a sweet chip, Cinnamon Sugar Churro features sugar, cinnamon, and THC delivered in a tortilla chip form.

“The holiday flavors were curated to bring friends, family and loved ones together to help folks enjoy the holiday season to their ‘highest’ potential,” said TSUMo Snacks co-founder and CEO Caroline Yeh. “From delicious chips sprinkled with turkey seasoning to the joy of eating cinnamon-sweet churros, TSUMo Snacks is bringing together all the best parts of the holidays without the hassle of traditional seasonal tropes and infusing it with cannabis.”

TSUMo Snacks is introducing the first “Weed Wish You a Happy Holidays” initiative. In partnership with canna-beverage brand Wunder and cannabis subscription box service Nugg Club, holiday shoppers will get 10% off all TSUMo Snacks products and four packs of breezy THC-infused libations from Wunder.

In addition, for every bundle purchased, TSUMo Snacks, Wunder and Nugg Club will donate $2 — enough to purchase food for four meals for local families through the brands’ food bank partner, San Francisco-Marin Food Bank.

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