Ripple has rebranded and introduced Revive, a new CBG dissolvable product. 

The rebrand is the culmination of an internal effort harnessing years of industry research and consumer feedback. Ripple has long held a cult following in Colorado, thanks to its form factor and ability to deliver reliably enjoyable experiences. The updated brand matches Ripple’s unrivaled product performance with a visual presentation of the same caliber.

“We’re a legacy brand in Colorado, and we wanted both our current diehard and future consumers to have a product that meets its promises — both from an experience and visual perspective,” said Missy Bradley, vice president of marketing, Ripple. “Our research showed that consumers come back to Ripple because it’s the most convenient, reliable, and discreet product on the market. With this rebrand, we’re leaning into what makes us unique and supporting it with a premium aesthetic.”

In concert with the rebrand, Ripple is also adding a CBG product to its flagship lineup. Revive — a 1:1 blend of THC and CBG — brings another functional edible to the current dissolvables suite, which includes: Pure (THC), Balanced (1:1 THC:CBD), Relief (40:1 CBD:THC), and Sleep (2:1 THC:CBN). Ripple products are unflavored, water-soluble powders that can be added to any food or beverage to give consumers ultimate control over their cannabis consumption.

“Ripple is a first-of-its kind product,” said Justin Singer, CEO of Ripple. “We have long held the belief that product quality comes first, and with this rebrand we get to see all facets of the Ripple product elevated. By adding Revive to our suite of products, we’re better able to serve the needs of our consumers by providing innovative and consistent products across the cannabinoid spectrum.”

The updated Ripple lineup, including Revive, is now available at partner dispensaries across Colorado.

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