Real Isolates LLC has been issued a patent by the United States Patent and Trademark Office for a method used to extract cannabinoids and other compounds from cannabis smoke. 

The extracted oil created by this method is sold and licensed under the brand name Smokenol. It is rich in common and rare cannabinoids and enables a new category of oral, topical, and inhaled cannabis products.

“Our solventless method is not just a simpler and safer alternative to CO2 or hydrocarbon extraction,” said Michiel Westerkamp, Real Isolates CEO. “The majority of experienced cannabis users prefer the effects of cannabis smoke to conventional edibles. This patented method allows hemp and cannabis product manufacturers to deliver edible, topical, and inhalable products that combine convenience, duration, and dose consistency with effects similar to those from smoking.”

The cannabinoid composition of the cannabis plant is transformed by the high heat necessary to generate smoke. Conventional cannabis extracts use low temperatures and do not contain the richer diversity and balance of cannabinoids found in Smokenol smoke extracts and cannabis smoke.

Real Isolates licenses this intellectual property to product manufacturers. The company’s own brands include Smokenol Day, a CBD-forward cannabis smoke extract derived from hemp; Smokenol, a cannabis smoke extract derived from high THC cannabis; and Profound Naturals, the brand under which hemp-derived Smokenol Day CBD products are sold. 

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