Cann won 15 times at this year's Clio Cannabis Awards, including the Brand of the Year award. 

Since launching in 2019, Cann has become the fastest-growing THC beverage on the market by winning over canna-curious and sober-curious consumers and redefining social drinking. Cann has surpassed more than 10 million cans sold of its microdosed, non-alcoholic beverages.

"The Clio Cannabis Awards celebrate the luminaries of the cannabis world, and we are honored to be recognized for our leadership in pushing the industry forward," said Luke Anderson, co-founder of Cann. "From our integrated campaigns and boundary-pushing social content, to our intentional and playful brand design and strategic partnerships, we're proud to see our work receive the recognition it deserves."

In addition to winning Brand of the Year, Cann took home 14 additional wins across the Gold, Silver and Bronze categories for a range of creative campaigns, including:

  • Pride 2022 Campaign (5 award wins): In celebration of Pride 2022, Cann and Weedmaps brought together a collection of trailblazing LGBTQ+ artists, advocates, and allies to produce an original song and music video celebrating queer love, inclusivity, and Cann Lite. "Taste So Good" featured a cast including Hayley Kiyoko, Gus Kenworthy, Vincint, and Patricia Arquette announcing Cann Lite, a new zero added sugar product line, supported by RuPaul Drag Race's Kornbread, Kerri Colby, Willow Pill, and Jorgeous. “Taste So Good” featured placements on top Spotify, Apple, and Amazon #Pride playlists and received more than 500,000 streams in less than a week.
  • Kate Hudson Holiday (3 award wins): Last December, Cann partnered with Kate Hudson, Baron Davis, and Darren Criss, on an integrated holiday marketing campaign that paired cannabis and alcohol together for the first time ever into one festive holiday cocktail. The campaign was centered around a viral video, A (Lightly Lifted) Christmas Story, in which Hudson and Baron meet at Kate's home for a holiday party. Their holiday party drink of choice: Cann's Cranberry Sage social tonic mixed with Hudson's King St. Vodka.
  • Super Bowl LVI & Substance Equality (1 award win): For Super Bowl LVI, Cann challenged alcohol's lock on advertising at the Big Game, with an out-of-home campaign for substance equality. With 100 posters throughout the Los Angeles area, Cann drew consumer attention to the propaganda-like advertising for alcohol during the Big Game. Cann's out-of-home campaign communicated to consumers the importance of ending cannabis' stigma as well as the need for equal opportunity in mainstream advertising.

In addition to these campaigns, Cann took home awards for its social media campaigns focused on inclusivity and education within the industry; a comedic parody written by Paul Scheer featuring Suchin Pak and Kulap Vilaysack; the launch of its Blue Rhuberry product in partnership with Adam Devine and Eaze; and its Space Crystals launch in collaboration with Sonder. 

Each of Cann's core products include 2 mg THC and 4 mg CBD and are designed to deliver a light, uplifting social buzz.

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