Truss Beverage Co. is launching House of Terpenes cannabis-infused Canntinis in Canada.

Launching with Cranberry Citrus and Ginger Lime, Canntinis are high-dose cannabis beverages inspired by the tastes of classic cocktail flavors.

“Taste is the No. 1 purchase consideration driver of cannabis beverages, so it was critical to prioritize crafting cannabis mocktails that are true-to-taste,” said Melanie Smith, innovation lead at Truss Beverage Co. “Having consulted award-winning beverage experts at Quell, including Evelyn Chick, Christina Veira and Trevor Lui, our ambition was to ensure that the Canntinis are just as delicious and flavourful as widely recognized cocktails, but without the alcohol.”  

With the growing demand for alternative adult-beverage options to alcohol, House of Terpenes Canntinis are mocktails that are true-to-taste and give consumers a buzz, while still allowing them to make the most of the following day. Inspired by the Cosmopolitan, Cranberry Citrus features notes of tart cranberry, lime, orange zest, and terpineol, while Ginger Lime, with notes of ginger beer, lime and curcumene, was handcrafted to emulate a Mule. 

“Consumer feedback shows that the demand for alternative beverages to alcohol has never been stronger, particularly when it comes to social occasions,” said Lori Hatcher, head of commercial at Truss Beverage Co. “House of Terpenes Canntinis not only fulfill this consumer need, but brings something entirely new and unexpected to the cannabis beverage category.” 

House of Terpenes Canntinis will begin to hit shelves Oct. 17, continuing to roll-out in retailers nationwide with availability differing per province. 

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