Rhythm Sparkling Hemp Beverages has introduced Rhythm Relax, which targets relaxation, a primary CBD use case.

Similar to the cucumber water found in the lobby of luxury resorts and spas, Rhythm Relax pairs cool, mild cucumber flavor with a hint of juicy melon to refresh and revitalize the taste buds. The flavors are matched with 25 mg of broad-spectrum hemp extract and 100 mg of L-Theanine, the amino acid found primarily in green tea that promotes relaxation without causing drowsiness. Research shows that L-Theanine can assist in reducing acute stress and anxiety in people experiencing stressful situations.

“Considering everything that’s happened this year, everyone deserves a spa day to unwind,” said Ian Monat, CEO and co-founder of Rhythm. “Rhythm Relax brings those blissful moments of serenity within reach on a daily basis, with no reservation required.”

Rhythm has recently partnered with Shoreline Supply Co. to distribute its full lineup of hemp beverages at Shoreline’s coffee shop and restaurant retail partners in the Phoenix and Tucson, Arizona metro areas.

“We are so excited to partner with Rhythm, and have the ability to provide our current and future Arizona clients with such a superior product,” said Mark Butler, Arizona regional manager at Shoreline. 

Consumers can purchase Rhythm Relax 12-oz. cans in a six pack for $29.99 and a 12-pack for $59.98 at drinkrhythm.com.

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