HYTN Innovations Inc. has developed nano gummies through its wholly owned subsidiary, HYTN Cannabis Inc. 

The nano gummies, which feature the company’s proprietary Elevation technology, deliver a rapid and predictable cannabis experience and complement the company’s current offering of all-natural, sugar and sweetener-free sparkling cannabis beverages. 

The nano gummies are manufactured at the company’s purpose-built facility in Kelowna, British Columbia. The gummies have begun shipping in two flavors: Yuzu-Pear and Crabapple-Lemon. Full national distribution is expected by the start of 2023.

The launch of HYTN’s Nano Gummies product follows the news that HYTN has fully concluded its relationship with Emerald Health Therapeutics Inc. and intends to focus its efforts to bring its rapid-onset cannabis products to the Canadian market utilizing the sales license amendment to its Standard Processing License. It also follows HYTN’s financial results for the three months ending June 30, which reflect revenue pausing while the company transitioned to selling products directly.

“It took significant time and effort to secure the necessary provincial and territorial vendor qualifications and product listings once our sales amendment was secured,” said HYTN CEO Elliot McKerr. “Working diligently with the provinces and territories, our team has positioned the company to offer an amazing suite of products to consumers while now directly managing our sales channels and revenue opportunities. We are confident that the launch of our nano gummies alongside our sparkling cannabis beverages will be the first step in aligning our success with the revenue path we established when we went public.”

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