Day One Beverages has appointed Thomas Salaba to its Board of Directors. 

Salaba, a 37-year veteran in the beverage business sector, brings expertise in beverage marketing, distribution, and retail strategy to Day One Beverages.

"We couldn't be more excited and honored to have Tom joining our team,” said Chris Clifford, founder and CEO of Day One Beverages. “Tom's prolific career at Anheuser-Busch and nearly 40 years of experience building beverage brands will support Day One's hyper-aggressive distribution and marketing goals. Tom's reputation in the industry speaks for itself and we both look forward to bringing this Golden Case opportunity to best-in-class distributors across the country.”

To scale and elevate Day One Beverages, the brand has welcomed Salaba as a board member who comes with experience within every discipline of the beverage industry, including a 25-year career at Anheuser-Busch, Inc. With decades of beverage experience, a rolodex of cultivated beverage industry relationships, and previous renowned mentors, including August A. Busch III and IV, Salaba brings forward a sharp and intense skillset to heighten Day One's brand vision, mission, and company-wide goals.

"I was drawn to Day One because I believe in the intrinsic benefits of CBD,” Salaba said. “The Day One CBD Sparkling Water is a refreshing way to deliver those benefits. Day One is a pioneer in CBD-infused beverages, and its growth will constitute the new 'golden case' in the beverage distribution network. I can't wait to engage potential distributors once again with a new category leader option.”

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