Jerry Garcia Wellness has launched its CBD wellness brand and products. 

Known as the founder of The Grateful Dead, Jerry Garcia was an early proponent of cannabis legalization and believed in its natural benefits decades before it became widely recognized as an effective aid to health and wellness.

The brand is an officially licensed partner of the Garcia family and features a full line of CBD products that will pay homage to Jerry Garcia’s legacy. The collection includes rose-shaped gummies inspired by Garcia's love of roses, as well as tinctures and topicals.

Jerry Garcia Wellness has enlisted Cameron Keluche, founder of KelSie Biotech, as head of product development to ensure product quality and efficacy. All Jerry Garcia Wellness products are made with 100% USDA Certified Organic CBD and other functional, botanical ingredients.

"It is an honor to work on this 100% organic and plastic-free CBD project initiated by Jerry Garcia Wellness," said Keelin Garcia, Jerry's daughter and president of Jerry Garcia Music Arts, LLC. "We appreciate how dedicated the company has been to ensure that every aspect of the project is in line with what father believed in and supported. We're excited to be able to honor him on his 80th birthday by sharing this natural wellness CBD program with his fans." 

As a lifelong enthusiast of both Jerry Garcia's and the Grateful Dead's music and art, company founder and CEO Bobby Brahms has worked diligently with the Garcia family to ensure all products and packaging, along with the company's mission, are in line with Jerry's belief in sustainability.

"We will be including Jerry's fine art and other recognizable iconography in our packaging to instantly identify the brand as one that is his," Brahms said. "Every detail of every product has been designed to recognize and respect Jerry's vision for legal cannabis products that are intended to improve well-being without harming the planet. Fans and those seeking a better quality of life alike will know that they're getting a superior product that carries on Jerry's prolific legacy with each experience."

To carry on Garcia's work as a philanthropist, the company will donate a portion of its proceeds to charities directed by his family. Jerry Garcia Wellness products will be available this fall for purchase online and at retail locations.

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