Mari y Juana Beverages Co. has entered into an exclusive distribution agreement with SuLo Distro, a full-service beverage first cannabis distributor, which reaches the entire California cannabis market via their refrigerated transport vehicles. 

As a result of this union, Mari y Juana Beverages Co. will leverage SuLo’s extensive infrastructure, expanding MJ’s reach throughout the state increasing brand awareness and consumer access to their products in the steadily growing cannabis beverage sector.

“The success of the beverage category is dependent upon reliable distributors that can properly execute on delivering products to the retail partner stores in a timely fashion,” said Daniel Torres, founder and CEO of Mari y Juana Beverages Co. “We are beyond ecstatic to be able to collaborate with who we believe is the elite choice in the space. We feel extremely fortunate to be a part of this unfolding history alongside the SuLo team.”

The current beverage product portfolio offering from MJ consists of ¡Mota Mix!, a cold drink powder mix, and its four 12 fl. oz., 10 mg THC, carbonated single serve soft drinks: ¡Guava!, ¡Mandarin!, ¡Piña! and ¡Tamarindo!

Partnering with SuLo will allow MJ to further establish its presence in California as a premier cannabis brand while enhancing the experience of consumers seeking alternative forms of cannabis consumption. The partnership gives MJ streamlined access to the vital Central and Northern California market share, which will help solidify the brand as a California powerhouse.

"At SuLo, our main goal is to support local cannabis brands and our community,” said Ivan Camacho, president of SuLo Distro. “Mari y Juana adds richness to our diverse portfolio of brands that both consumers and patients demand. Beverages will continue to lead the growth for social acceptance of cannabis, and Mari y Juana’s popular recipes will soon be seen at many backyard gatherings.”

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