OGeez! Brands has released a limited-edition Piña Colada gummy at Arizona dispensaries.

The summertime gummy — which comes in both 10 and 30 mg units — is the company’s first seasonal flavor and will only be available while supplies last.

"This is shaping up to be the summer of OGeez! in Arizona," said OGeez! CEO Bran Noonan. "The adult-use market is continuing to expand, and we are committed to being there for dispensaries and consumers as cannabis becomes more and more mainstreamed."

In May 2022, the company launched the first "mini" gummy in Arizona. The bite-sized gummies come in a 3 mg Tropical variety. They debuted in OGeez's new vibrantly colored bags with 25 units per package.

In October 2021, OGeez! unveiled Peg's Raspberry Orange RSO, a gummy named in honor of the company's late founder Peggy Noonan. That product is now the company's No. 1 seller. It combines the potency of RSO with the unmatched flavor of OGeez! gummies and eliminates the inaccurate practice of dosing cannabis oil. It is available in a 100 mg package of 10 gummies.

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